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Doctor Consulting with Patient

Providing Routine Primary Care Health Services

Turn to our primary care practice in Manassas, Virginia, for your medical needs. Manassas Primary Care, LLC offers everything from routine physical exams to the majority of internal medicine services. Call our office to learn more about our health care services. Same-day appointments are available.


Come to our office for your routine preventative health needs, whether it's time for your Pap smear or physical. Our providers evaluate medical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, UTI's, peripheral artery disease (PAD), seasonal allergies and more. We also provide referrals for mammograms and colonoscopies and other specialty referrals our patients may need. 

For Medicare recipients we also perform the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV). You can find more information on the AWV on the Medicare website:

Specific Services

We partner with Better Health Consultants, LLC, operated by Dr. Lydia Georgy, Pharm D and her team. They help us conduct Chronic Care Management  (CCM)which is a program under the auspices of Medicare to help us better take care of our patients who may have 2 or more chronic conditions.  Learn more about CCM here:

Patients interested ONLY in seeking restricted medicines (narcotics, anxiety, ADHD meds, etc.) will be referred to the appropriate specialty.

Our providers DO NOT write for these medicines.