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Stay Healthy with Primary Care Services from Our Physician

Navdeep Mathur, MD, MPH, FACP provides primary care for adults in Manassas, Virginia, offering routine physical exams and assistance to anyone needing medical consulting when preparing to travel abroad. Our doctor is tri-lingual, speaking English, Spanish, and Hindi fluently. Call today to get the professional and caring medical attention you seek. We do use a secure electronic medical record (EMR), Practice Fusion, that will enable us to provide our patients with the best possible medical care. We are now accepting new patients.
Medical Supplies, Primary Care Physician in Manassas, VA
A Bit about the Services We Offer:

Routine Physical Exams
Whether you just need a preventative health exam or you have a disorder you need medical care for—we're here to help.

Lab Tests
Our facility is able to perform lab tests for a number of medical disorders. EKG, spirometry, and TB testing are some of the routine services provided.

Love to travel? Safeguard yourself from at-risk diseases when spending time in foreign countries with vaccinations and a travel consultation from our doctor.

New: Pharmacogenomics

With a very simple test we can help tailor medications for your specific genetic make up. Medicare does cover the cost for this test.

About Our Doctor
Dr. Navdeep Mathur has been a local of Northern Virginia for 20 years. With 10 years of experience, our board-certified primary care doctor has a passion for offering travel medicine and internal medicine services. He has admitting privileges at Prince William Hospital. Holding a strong belief in preventive and evidence-based medicine, our physician encourages a lasting doctor-patient relationship with you to help keep you as healthy as possible.
Please note that patients interested ONLY in seeking restricted medications (narcotics, anxiety, ADHD meds, etc.) will be referred to the appropriate specialty. Dr. Mathur DOES NOT write for these medications.